Monday, 24 January 2011

How To Get The Hell Outta The Matrix.

In time people will find that there is no way to go to this system to get remedy if you are a dissenter.

I see so many doing sterling work and I see value in this work as long as in the end people do not run away with the idea that they have spotted a flaw in the law that allows people to suddenly become free of its shackles. The system is not designed that way. I could write reams about examples that prove this, that show that all routes lead to the same place, whether based on purer evidence or better/more "benign" matrix made law, it all leads to failure in the end. There is only one winner, those who designed the system, to win for them.

So what do we do?

Well it begins with knowing in your heart, as well as looking for all the evidence you can muster, to show that you are as special as anyone else on this planet and have just as much right to be here as anyone else. Anything contrary to this is always based on fallacy and twisted thinking based on negative programming that has been ongoing for centuries (so it is hardly surprising).

If we go back far enough, we will discover that land belonged to no-one, but to all of us. The control mechanisms that led to what we laughingly call "the height of civilisation" is based on deceptions and the utilisation of force by gangster type beings who forced people to accept their control and took the lion's share and left the majority suffering. This is the legacy we yield today, just look around and think about it.

Man had only one potential enemy, the forces of nature. Now man has a myriad of "man made" enemies, which tend to be blamed on natural or unknown/misunderstood events. This is part of the planned deception. The entire system is set up in layers of deception, with higher rewards for those doing the greater dirty work of keeping the lid on it. In fact now it has got to the point that many of these layers and the operators therein, have little idea of what they do and what horrors they preside over and reside upon, let alone where it all started from.

So of course it is expected that this trap would have a number of safety nets (from their perspective).

How do we change things? Fighting it has seldom helped. Violence does not seem to be the solution in the end. If we were to look upon a violent saviour to take us out of this, they would end up being as bad, or worse, a despot than what we had before. It does not work to change things for the better, but it may change things yes, replace one tyrant...with another!!

So non-violent resistance is the way it would seem. Stop feeding the beast that enslaves us.

But to just say "resist" is not helpful. How do we effectively resist? How do we make the difference to avoid the collapse (as this is where we are heading with greater and greater suffering and sanctions as the herd is dealt with to keep the few in comfort and power) and get ourselves living more securely and independently, and more naturally?

We opt out!?

So how do we do that? I suggest anyway that we can, that does not draw an "in your face" battle line with the authorities. But in the end we need to be in good community (not "out of the frying pan and into the fire".., as we need to think this out carefully with a high standard of ethics and compassionate principles to be put into play for us all). We need to be able to produce our own food and fuel, we can produce our own electricity and must be able to have our own water and sanitation system. I am sure this is obvious, but just wanted to outline this.

How can this be achieved? Land must be obtained, groups must come together and either buy land or find genuine benefactors to provide it and share together so that they will also benefit. In time land may become more freely available, but it may follow an appalling storm, so perhaps the best way is to prevent this storm and begin the process now.

In the short term I feel that groups need to be up front so that they can set a positive example for the hopelessness that is developing at this time. We need to obtain as much land as possible for each group and make it plain to the powers that be and especially the people why we are doing what we are doing. We need to say that we want to operate on our land outside the control system so that we promote our independence from something that we know supports death and destruction with the monies that it takes from the people. We want no part of this in my view (I hope we will all feel like this). We must also show that we are responsible and honourable though as an example to the people and make it clear that when we do utilise the matrix systems (that they are supporting/paying for and that they resent "opters out" from using) that we will abide by the principles of that system on that temporary basis.

In other words the aim is the set up self supporting sovereign groups to act outside of the jurisdiction of the matrix state.

To attempt to act outside the jurisdiction of the system whilst within it, is playing into their hands. Let us look at doing it as a form of lawful rebellion which does not leave "resisters" always looking over their shoulders after being designated as a traitor to it. Yes we know who the actual traitors are, but they know who makes the rules of this system, and that is not you no matter how right you are, you seldom win your rights in such a system.

This is a simplification of a complex issue so please consider this, but please feel free to comment as this is not my idea alone and the intention is for us to work on ideas to move forward and avoid the excesses of the immense and terrible fallout of the total collapse of a system living past it's sell by date.

References are far and wide but include:

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The Curse of Ignorance (Vols I and II), Arthur Findlay.
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  1. thanks for the article. I presume what you are saying is that all this 'freeman-on-the-land' stuff in court is not going to work. (I actually posted an account just today of someone in canada who did manage to get his case dismissed)
    Also, I am reading a book called 'eaarth' which talks about all the weather changes. Dont you think you need to take that into account when choosing where the land is ?

  2. Hi Danny,

    Thanks for the comment.

    Ok where to start. My point about the freeman stuff is not that I am opposed to people trying techniques to deal with a corrupt system, my point is that ultimately (in the main) it will fail as they (the powers that be) pull in the reins. I have been involved in court situations (as an insider as well as an outsider)where all the evidence lie with one party and little or none with the other party, the party that should have won lost! Why is that? So if someone thinks they can develop a foolproof way to navigate this then they are welcome to try it. On the other hand, some cases go into courts and win when they should do, does this mean that the courts are good? Some people get cured by drugs that also kill many others. Do we say that Medicine is good or bad? Or do we expect a higher standard than what we have? What rule of thumb can we rely upon?

    With regard to the land, who is to say where is going to be safe. I do not know how to save people I can only make suggestions as to how we might at least begin taking back our power and transforming the situation created by the damage that Man has done.

    In a place of evolving consciousness, will our transformation stop at the human level, or will our healing cause healing on a wider level?

    I am not sure, but I know what I feel, and I feel that we should step towards a more natural, balanced, loving and compassionate way soon.

    I hope that helps Danny, as these things could take hours to discuss properly, but feel free to comment again.


  3. an important question for you. I have a friend who has a million quid to spend on a farm somewhere in the uk. How exactly would it work to try and persuade him to open up to a project like the one you are talking about ? One of the very tricky things about such a project is that the PTB try and infiltrate such projects. How would you stop that ? It seemed to happen at democracy village ?

  4. thanks for your response. have you come accross the loveforlife website. I am very ambivalent about it but it is fascinating. in a way what you are saying is not far form what he is.

  5. Hi Danny, some responses may not be entirely for public consumption (for example I have had information given, that may or may not be true, regarding the places that may not be so badly effected by the coming "storm"), so I will say what I feel is best for any audience on here and if you want a more personal chat I am on facebook or you can e-mail me.

    Yes the PTB fear these ideas more than any, as they know this is the source of power and how it will be taken away from them. Land is one of the main ingredients, which is why they have sought for so long to keep it under their control (as I am sure you know too well). They fear us people uniting in a common bond of truth/wisdom and building community on a bedrock of unconditional love, compassion, and allowance for diversity (within reason as the diversity of the psychopathic mind is not good and needs healing and awareness of its emergence in any community). The PTB present so many diversions ( it now before it is to many of those ads coming up now), or vote for the new improved Labour/Democrat party and all will be saved!! What a stench.

    So I suppose, awareness is a good start. Working together on principles that we all know are based on our true collective natures and working from there is important, and as said before awareness of the sociopathic personality so any infiltration is more likely to be observed soonest and overcome.

    If an en-masse attack (as in Ruby Ridge)is what you are talking about, then I have to say that I hope that this can be avoided. But who can say.

    There are no guarantees in this, but just the hope that we can develop the right ingredients and put them in place at the time, when the idea is ripe. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has finally come.

    This is why I suggested being open about it. Having a loving compassionate basis of community and spreading that message. There comes a time when all too many of those serving the powers that be will see the hopelessness and sickness of what they are party to. But it may get worse before it gets better. In the meantime those with a will to start the new beginning are preparing to help those ready to jump ship and if we can present a workable model then we are one step ahead and also leading by example.

    One thing is for sure, if we do nothing, the future that awaits us does not look good. But in the end, which of us really knows for sure? I know I dont, I am only going on what I feel inside, which brings me finally to the "Love for Life" website.

    These Kinship ideas are coming over in many names and slightly differing forms all over the world now. Some might put it down to the Anasatasia material. Yet I know that what came to me, came to me from within, and it has repeatedly been confirmed out there as it were.

    So my feeling is that within all of us is wisdom of the correct blueprint (so to speak) on which humanity can live in harmony with each other and the living things of this planet. Opposing that is the dark forces which have programmed all too many for so long, and they have done it all too well sadly. But that does not mean it is hopeless, not at all, but there is work to be done. (and in the end the so called dark Forces are aberrated mind...they are part of us, the collective consciousness and something we must overcome..converted Psychopaths are as loving as they are us..just in is said).

    Arthur Christian (the site owner)has seen a lot of horrific stuff and has done his best to help lots of people (he really does stick his neck out when he is able). We may not agree with all that he says (and some things he says I really do not agree with esp relating to our true nature, which I believe to be spiritual/consciousness/energy related whereas I think Arthur would see it as part of Earth nature (The Earth is Eden/Heaven and we have made it hell). I see this as one layer of consciousness and if we look at it in isolation then Arthur is maybe right. (Continued...)

  6. Arthur Christian (the site owner)has seen and suffered a lot of horrific stuff and has done his best to help lots of people (he really does stick his neck out when he is able). We may not agree with all that he says (and some things he says I really do not agree with esp relating to our true nature, which I believe to be spiritual/consciousness/energy related whereas I think Arthur would see it as part of Earth nature (The Earth is Eden/Heaven and we have made it hell). I see this as one layer of consciousness and if we look at it in isolation then Arthur is maybe right.
    But in the end, we are of the great consciousness (I hope I am not sounding like a preacher, just saying as I see it). This cosmic game called "Trouble on Planet Earth" is one thing that we are here to play and correct if and when we can (whatever correct means, but at least we know what we have now is simply NOT where we can remain). It is a serious game to an extent, due to the principle "as above so below". So to "sit back" (as some New Agers and religious folks seem to have been successfully programmed to do) is not the correct path in my view, but violent action is also playing into the destructive consciousness and so we maybe lose again (even if we thought we had won as we become the enemy that we feared/hated and impose this on the defeated..who then grow up to oppose the monster..what a mad endless cyclical game)..the tightrope is gossamer thin, but it is a line that I feel we can find and walk together eventually.

    But also, if this fails. Well I am not sure how bad that would be, as in the end we cannot die, so our consciousness goes on..and why should we fear?

    I feel that we do this as until we really see the light, our consciousness, on any plane, will see turbulence and darkness. So we cannot die, but we may live in a state of consciousness unworthy of our true natures and so....bite the bullet we must. So in a sense Arthur is right again...we must enlighten this place in my view (these are my thoughts and I obviously read other people's work and take it on board if I feel it is right, but I dont follow any guru as we all have our own guru..within)...we must create our heaven first on Earth, else why do we deserve heaven on any other plane?????

    The building of heaven starts here....then we will have Heaven on all planes.

    Sorry Danny, I hope I did not go on too long.

    Please feel free to dismiss or be constructively critical as you feel fit.

    Thanks again Danny I really appreciate your interest.

  7. oine thing you didnt answer - if I was to set up a meeting with my friend who has a spare million, how would you convince him of the wisdom of setting up such a community and the problems associated with it ?

  8. Hi Danny, unless he/she has wisdom in their heads and hearts I may not be able to. I would really be looking for people to make equal contributions as much as is humanly possible. It would depend on what your friend wants, to be, lord of his/her own manor or to formulate proper community. If your friend wants to chat with me at any time he/she is welcome to.

    I do not really see this as my mission anyway, I see this as "our" mission. I do not wish to be a leader or guru amd don't wish to follow one (so far I have met far too many making a name for themselves at the moment who are far from evolved in my view anyway). I rather hope that some likeminded souls will work out their way forward, set an example for others to do similar. I believe there is a way (and there is more evidence coming forward of so many systems that can vastly improve on what we have, but it would take hours and reams of writing to give it justice), but it requires mutual dialogue and not dictatorship. I know we are better than this Danny, don't you?

    In the end, if we don't do something....what do we allow to develop instead? I don't think I ought to be having to convince anyone...this shit is coming to an end, and those prepared may go on to at least give some chance to their children and humanity. Those that do not may end up in a far worse situation than we have now...or dead.

  9. Great post Nigel, I like the gist of what you are saying here. As far as I see it the solution could be in creating a parallel system on land that is not under the jurisdiction of the current system, but where is such land to be found? There is the possibility that the Shetlands are not under UK jurisdiction, see or maybe the Duchy of Sealand, and artificial island outside UK waters (or construct our own artificial island, but that would be a major construction project presumably) also islands would not be very good in tsunamis (unless designed specifically to operate under water. Otherwise even if we own the land they will likely still use force to punish any non compliance with their statutes and regulations regarding planning permission etc. Hope this doesn't throw too many spanners in the works.

  10. Hi Simon,

    Yes I see what you are saying about finding places that are already outside the jurisdiction of the "system". Sadly this would not provide sufficient land for any major transformation to happen. I feel that part of the essential matter is that we need to "know" in our hearts that this system is an utter fiction. On this basis we can begin to see that its power is limited, and the more of us that see this the more power to potential transformation.

    What I had in mind was for us to purchase or obtain, legitimately, land and for us then to utilise open source technologies and other ideas (for examples Farms operate somewhat outside the jurisdiction that the average person suffers, due to the reduced duty fuel that they can use on their own land. also Charities operate with certain tax benefits) to build low impact communities with a plan that may evolve into something that will soon become a legitimate alternative to what is around us.

    For example it may be possible for us to produce our own eco fuel even in due course and as the thing grows..have more power to dictate to the "system" and say no we aint paying your duties etc. Yes of course in the early days force could be applied, but when sufficient numbers of people are in this position the powers that be will have less and less resources to attack anyone. The idea is to produce less and less for the system as we produce more and more for our communities and so drain energy from the "leviathan".

    Also there are a number of communities operating already outside (so to speak) this system, but esp in that they feed it sparcely. I am not aware that they have been under attack (in any Ruby Ridge sort of way anyway), although an attempt to destroy Tony Wrench's rroundhouse in Pembrokeshire was made, which failed as many people occupied it and so forced the bulldozers away. They now leave him alone.

    When the time is ripe transformation can occur, but it has to start somewhere.

    I do not have all the answers, but "we" do, and we, together can change this for the better as equals, brothers and sisters united in compassion. I have some hope in my heart even though this world often seems so hopelessly lost.

    I hope that helps Simon, and thank you for your input, I really appreciate it.

  11. Yes, very helpful and reassuring thanks Nigel, just let me know if I can do anything to help in any way. I'll share your blog on Facebook if that's ok with you?

  12. Certainly can Simon. Hope we can get some open source ideas from this process.

  13. For this issue of leaving outside the trully oprossive system, I know this honest muslim sheik who talk abot unboarding this sinking ship of new world order global soceity, say it in interesting way

    Go YouTube and type
    Emigrate to the muslim village - imran hosein


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  16. The Dream Of Life - Part 3
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  18. The Dream Of Life - Part 4
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    A Kin Domain refers to the area of land given to each family, usually a hectare is sufficient, where they build their home & grow their food forest. When we eat only raw, living food, we can easily grow all we need &, as our bodies adapt more & more to this way of life, we no longer need refrigerators, electricity, gas, air conditioning, heating, etc. Our footprint on Earth is feather light.

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  19. Thanks Arthur, know you tend to see what I am seeing too. Thanks.

  20. Thank you Shadowsman. This looks like a good idea. For me I hope that enough of us can come together in the UK to create our Shangrilah's here in due course.